ZetaChain blockchain enables omnichain interoperability of any value or data

Airdrop Strategy

Use testnet to earn points. Get 5,000 ZETA points upon sign up using this link: https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard?code=fHScnO_T6H6VD2SOJvzGV

Use testnet to earn points:

  1. Open this link and get 5k ZETA points: https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard?code=fHScnO_T6H6VD2SOJvzGV
  1. Connect your wallet
  1. Request test tokens
  1. Make some swaps on Goerli and BSC testnet


Layer3 bounties:


Announcing ZetaLabs

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TL;DR Today marks the launch of ZetaLabs, a space where you can experience and contribute to the future of multichain. Enter the app now.

With over 100,000 signups on the waitlist, ZetaChain is excited to publicly announce the launch of ZetaLabs, built on the Athens Testnet. ZetaLabs is a place for people to test and contribute to the development of omnichain dApps and the underlying ZetaChain blockchain. In this post, you’ll find an overview of ZetaLabs and how testing works as well as other exciting updates to come. You’ll also notice a brand revamp across all of our products and sites: zetachain.comdeveloper docsZetaScan Explorer, and of course, the latest ZetaLabs! We could not be more excited for you to test and partake in the development of the first L1 blockchain that connects everything.


ZetaLabs is a testbed for new omnichain dApps and key pillar in the ZetaChain developer and contributor ecosystem. It’s an open environment where users can test, learn, and contribute to dApps built on the ZetaChain protocol. It’s built for everyone, supporting desktop and mobile as well as language localization. The first live dApp on ZetaLabs is a functional Omnichain Swap for trading assets between any connected chains. It represents the first of a larger effort to continue open sourcing example smart contracts and UIs that inspire and kickstart omnichain dApp creation in our growing developer ecosystem. Let’s look at the Swap App, ZETA Points system, and updates on the ZetaScan explorer.

Swap App

Swapping is a fundamental primitive in the crypto ecosystem. A plethora of token bridges and basic cross-chain stableswap solutions exist, but they’re often limited in blockchain compatibility and/or security. Because of this, right now, there’s no de-facto way to natively trade between any token on any chain in a trust-minimized way.

The ZetaLabs Swap App uses the simplicity and power of ZetaChain’s native value transfer — with no bridging, wrapping, or locking of assets — to achieve any-to-any token/chain trades. By using liquidity in pools found on native chains (for example, Uniswap for Ethereum testnets), the swapping architecture minimizes risk to users and maximizes potential liquidity for more efficient cross-chain swaps. If you’re interested in how this works, check out the multi-chain smart contract example in our docs!

Nevertheless, for the user, all steps are abstracted away. All a user needs to do is send a single transaction, and all gas, transfers, and fees are handled by ZetaChain. To try the app, connect your Metamask or Coinbase wallet, and then swap any asset to any other asset like so:

ZetaLabs Swap App demo

Note, to improve your ease of use on testnets, supported tokens on the Swap App are limited to a few assets including ZETA for each chain. As needed, we can easily add any and all tokens on different chains! The pricing, slippage, and liquidity of tokens is neither reflective of Mainnet nor is it stable, since there is no monetary value or real market for these tokens.

ZETA Points and Leaderboard

ZETA Points allow community members to track their progress and contributions to ZetaLabs. They also encourage daily testing with ZetaLabs and new user participation. The system incentivizes product/protocol feedback and bug reports to help the team make regular upgrades to the network. The ZETA Points earning structure is as follows:

The Leaderboard page shows your contributions and how you stack up against the rest of the community. The in-app leaderboard of top accounts is viewable by everyone:

To invite additional testers, click on the “Earn ZETA Points” button in the navigation bar to find your shareable invite link. Both you and your invited users will earn points after completing the Twitter account verification. We require Twitter verification to prevent spam from bots (the app uses read-only access). Get Started Here!

How to get Testnet ZETA

You’ll need testnet assets to do transactions on ZetaLabs. You can get testnet ZETA and gas assets for connected chains directly through the Get ZETA page on ZetaLabs.

Through this interface, you will receive ZETA and the respective gas assets on each connected chain — right now, these are Goerli, Ropsten, Polygon Mumbai, and BSC Testnet. You can view amounts you will receive in the table below the requesting interface. We will add more network support over time as needed by the developer ecosystem. After requesting ZETA from the interface, you should receive your assets within a few minutes, and then you can test the Swap interface above.

The ZETA you receive on testnets may also be used to develop dApps. If you’re interested in building on top of ZetaChain, you can get started using our docs here. If you need additional ZETA or testnet gas assets for development, check out other methods for requesting testnet ZETA here, or ask the team for help on Discord!

ZetaScan Updates

ZetaScan is our blockchain explorer that lets users transparently view data on the Athens Testnet. In addition to cross-chain transactions, ZetaScan now has external address and transaction support. You can use the top input field to search for and view your own wallet address or any native network transaction hash that has interacted with ZetaChain.

Address support

ZetaScan will be one of the first truly cross-chain explorers that brings a great and needed level of transparency to the cross-chain crypto ecosystem. Expect to see many more features on ZetaScan that support both developers and users alike.

Developer Utility

The ZetaLabs Swap release offers considerable utility to developers even with just testnet assets. First, the Swap smart contract code is available publicly and its architecture is fully composable. Developers can easily integrate cross-chain value transfer and trading into their dApps using the sample contract to kickstart development. The swap functionality leverages liquidity on existing chains (Uniswap pool equivalents), thereby lowering the security overhead and development barriers to build other omnichain dApps like more complex DEXs, lending, NFT marketplaces, identity management, DAO tooling, and other dApps that may use value transfer or swapping as a foundation.

Secondly, the Swap App helps solve a key problem for developers, which is the fragmented nature of current testnet faucet and token-request systems (clunky Google forms, minuscule token drips, and so on). With the Swap App, developers can trade assets they already have on one chain for tokens they need on various other chains, eradicating some common, tedious hurdles for dApp developers. The Swap App is effectively an omnichain testnet faucet for developers that replaces the complicated faucets on current chains.

Want to build cross-chain?

In addition to developing the core L1 blockchain of ZetaChain, the team is working with incredibly talented developers on building the next generation of crypto products. If you have an idea that uses ZetaChain, you can start developing here and reach out on Discord with questions. Our team is happy to provide resources to help you build amazing products!

What’s next for ZetaLabs?

ZetaChain will release more information about the protocol, explorer, devtools, documentation, ZetaLabs updates, and ways you can contribute soon. Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates!











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