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Recent Airdrops

Users who followed the strategies on our website and Discord daily tasks were eligible to claim these airdrops

Aptos $APT

~ $3k

Zigzag $ZZ

~ $500

Thena $THE

~ $2k

Arbitrum $ARB

$1k - $18k

Maverick $MAV

$1k - $20k

Optimism #2 $OP

~ $500

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zkSync Airdrop: 1 Stone, 20 Birds

zkSync launched the Era mainnet and introduced an ecosystem consisting of a large number of dApps compared to Lite. Let’s look into some apps on Era and position ourselves for the zkSync airdrop.


Vest Perpetual Trading on Arbitrum - Testnet Soon!

Vest Exchange is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange being built on the Arbitrum network by Vest Labs that is going to allow users to trade a wide range of assets...


Rage Trade Potential Airdrop - Arbitrum & LayerZero

Rage Trade is a yield and perpetual protocol built on Arbitrum and LayerZero. Rage claims to be building the most liquid, composable, and only omnichain ETH perp powered by UNI v3...










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