LIQUID STAKING is a decentralized, non-custodial delegated staking protocol with a Liquid Staking Derivative token. One of the distinguishing characteristics of is that stakers control their keys. The mechanism also allows for the creation of a node services marketplace where stakers and node operators can enroll nodes to provide infrastructure services.

Airdrop Strategy

Stake ETH and mint Fan NFTs (see below) is a platform developed by where users can stake their Ethereum (ETH) and mint fan NFTs. These NFTs come with traits that are randomly assigned and rare, a flair that's proportional to their staked ETH amount, and membership tiers that lead to increased staking rewards over time.

These fan NFTs represent the staked ETH and automatically accumulate staking rewards, which can be managed by users with the flexibility to add or withdraw their ETH at any time.

The staked ETH is allocated to support those utilizing DVT and running physical nodes in various geographic regions. Moreover, the longer you stake, the more your share of staking rewards and protocol revenue grows.

  • To mint a fan NFT, deposit a minimum of 0.1 ETH via
  • Each deposit creates a new fan NFT representing staked ETH.
  • Users can accumulate multiple fan NFTs, similar to trading cards.
  • Fans can be used as profile pictures to show support for Ethereum and decentralization.
  • Fan NFTs feature traits, flair, and membership tiers for a unique user experience.








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