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Fuel Labs is building Fuel, the fastest modular execution layer.

Airdrop Strategy

- Use the testnet (Guides will be updated) - Join community

Fuel Network Beta Testnet - Get Ready

Fuel is the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack. Powerful and sleek, the technology enables parallel transaction execution, empowering developers with the highest flexible throughput and maximum security required to scale. Developers choose the FuelVM for its superior developer experience and the ability to go beyond the limitations of the EVM.

Fuel recently announced its Beta Testnet. In this post, we are going to show you how to use the testnet.

Beta-1 Testnet

Fuel launchedbeta-1, the first public Fuel testnet, offering open access for developers and users. Though, there isn’t much to do for this testnet, you can still access it by going to this link and make some swaps: https://fuellabs.github.io/swayswap/

Beta-2 Testnet

How to Install and Create a Wallet?

To install the Fuel wallet, you need to download FuelWallet zip file and import it directly on your extensions management page, on chrome or brave.

  1. Inside Chrome or Brave
  2. Open the extensions page; it can be done by: 2.1 Clicking on settings -> extensions or; 2.2 Accessing brave://extensions/  or chrome://extensions/.
  3. Enable the "Developer mode" switch on the top left
  4. Load fuel-wallet.zip by: 4.1 Dragging your downloaded Fuel wallet file and dropping it in the extensions page or; 4.2 Clicking on Load unpacked and select the file.
  5. If all goes right, an onboarding page will instantly open.
  6. Create a wallet and save your recovery phrases.

⚡️ Fuel Wallet extension is now ready for your best use. ✅

Get Testnet Tokens

Use the Testnet

  • Send some test tokens to another wallet (e.g. send to the wallet below)

Note that the beta-2 testnet is under active development and may see breaking upgrades and even regenesis events.

More instructions and updates will be added to this page

Fuel Network Ecosystem

A list of projects bulding on Fuel, prepared by @0xFunda





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