Mint Chain

Network, NFT

Mint is a Layer 2 blockchain for NFTs developed by NFTScan Labs and MintCore

Airdrop Strategy

✅ Complete Zealy tasks ✅ Get whitelisted for Mint Pass

Mint Blockchain!

Mint is an innovative Layer 2 solution dedicated exclusively to NFTs. Founded by NFTScan and MintCore, promises to redefine the NFT landscape, fostering broad NFT innovation.

Mint Blockchain has confirmed rewards for early supporters who mint and hold their two types of NFTs, each coming with special perks and rewards.

✨ Mint Genesis NFT Perks (Free)

  1. Early Community Membership
  2. Priority Testnet Access
  3. MINT Airdrop Rewards
  4. Ecosystem Privileges

✨ MintID NFT (TBA)

  1. Utility Rights
  2. Governance Rights
  3. Airdrop Rewards
  4. Ecosystem Privileges

Mint Genesis free mint: Jan 10-24, 2024 MintID minting: Jan 17-24, 2024

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