RedStone is an innovative Oracle system designed to provide reliable and diverse data feeds for dApps and smart contracts on multiple blockchain layers (L1s & L2s). It addresses the limitations of existing Oracle protocols and offers a more efficient, scalable and builders’ centred solution for the DeFi ecosystem.

Airdrop Strategy

- Complete quests - Join the ambassador program (see below)


RedStone addresses the challenges faced by blockchain projects in obtaining diverse and reliable data for decentralized applications. Oracles play a crucial role in enabling smart contracts to access off-chain data, but existing solutions have limitations. Centralized and third-party oracles raise concerns about security and decentralization, while on-chain data storage is costly and inefficient.

RedStone aims to overcome these issues with an innovative approach. They leverage Arweave, a low-cost blockchain storage solution, to store data and deliver it to various EVM-compatible chains.

Unlike traditional oracles, RedStone does not upload information to the blockchain at set intervals; instead, they maintain a decentralized cache of data on Arweave and inject it into the destination chain only when needed. This design offers affordable storage, on-demand data fetching, flexibility in data types, data integrity through provider staking, and cross-chain compatibility.

RedStone Oracles provide a novel solution to enhance data access for modern DeFi protocols, offering cost-effective, flexible, and secure data feeds while addressing the limitations of traditional oracle solutions.

Campaigns & Programs

RedStone currently has two active programs live, RedStone Expedition and Miners Ambassador, and anyone interested to contribute the ecosystem can start participating in these programs. Let's explore both.

1. RedStone Expedition

The RedStone Expedition is a thrilling campaign and adventure of community engagement, challenges and rewards. The quests are run on Galxe. Complete quests and claim points & OATs.

2. Miners Ambassador Program

The RedStone Miners program comprises five tiers. Each task you accomplish earns you points, and accumulating more points is the key to advancing in rank.

The Miners' Ambassador program takes miners through a journey of growth and achievement, with five prestigious ranks to ascend:

Ore Digger

Rock Breaker

→ Vein Master

→ Deep Miner

→ Mine King

To progress through these ranks, miners must complete tasks on Zealy and meet additional requirements, including active engagement on social media and making meaningful contributions to the community.

Miners unlock many benefits and potential rewards as they advance, creating a pathway to greatness within the RedStone ecosystem.


  • Enjoy exclusive early access to special privileges and giveaways
  • Earn rewards in RSG*
  • Obtain limited edition RedStone merchandise
  • Own your very own OGNFT
  • Stand a chance to receive future presents
  • As you elevate your Miner rank, anticipate an increase in your rewards

*RSG (RedStone Gems) are on-chain activity points in RedStone Expedition. Collecting more of them allows you to get a higher reward at the end of the campaign.

How do I become a RedStone Miner?

  • Join RedStone's Discord server
  • Follow RedStone on X
  • Start performing Zealy tasks
Note that you need to gain level 5 role in RedStone's Discord in order to acend to Rock Breaker and eventually higher ranks. To reach level 5, engage in the community by helping newcomers and supporting other members.

> Learn more about Miner ranks & rewards








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