Ten (formerly Obscuro)

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Ten is an EVM equivalent, encrypted L2 solution for Ethereum. It sits between Optimistic and ZK rollups. Ten leverages Secure Enclaves to encrypt the EVM and hyper-scale Ethereum.

Airdrop Strategy

✅ Participate in the Meet Ten campaign on Galxe ✅ Contribute to the project by completing tasks on Dework. Join Discord for more info. ✅ Use testnet and mainnet when available

Meet Ten: An Encrypted Ethereum Layer 2 Solution

Ten, previously known as Obscuro, is a Layer 2 network that serves as an encrypted EVM equivalent for Ethereum. Positioned between Optimistic and ZK rollups, Ten is a game-changer leveraging Secure Enclaves to encrypt the EVM and scale Ethereum to new heights while tackling significant issues the blockchain community faces.

Ten doesn't just replicate Ethereum's functionalities; it tackles critical pain points that have long plagued the ecosystem:

  1. Encryption:By encrypting Ethereum, Ten opens doors to boundless new possibilities.
  2. MEV (Miner Extractable Value):Empowering end-users by reclaiming control over the value.
  3. Scalability:With its innovative Proof of Block Inclusion (POBI) protocol, Ten boasts massive scalability potential.
  4. Gas Fees:Leveraging POBI and steering clear of Proof of Work, Ten significantly reduces gas costs compared to L1.

What sets Ten apart from other L2 solutions is its fusion of advantages. It's a general-purpose L2 on Ethereum, offering benefits akin to Optimistic-based L2s while mitigating long withdrawal times and centralization concerns. Unlike ZK-Rollups, Ten retains decentralization while providing encryption and MEV prevention.


According to the roadmap, the mainnet is planned to launch in Q2, 2024. The $OBX token is also set to launch within Q2.


OBX tokens are distributed strategically to encourage long-term engagement with Ten, prioritizing community members, third-party integrators, and application developers.


Participate in the Meet Ten campaign on Galxe and become a contributor on Dework:









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