Zest Protocol


Zest Protocol is a lending protocol built for Bitcoin. Zest Protocol exists to redefine Bitcoin lending. The protocol strives to create a vibrant borrowing and lending ecosystem around BTC the asset.

Airdrop Strategy

✅ Lend and borrow (see below for more details)

2 in 1 Airdrop Strategy

Hunt two airdrops (Zest and StackingDAO) by doing the following strategy

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. Please do your own research and act accordinlgy.

1. StackingDAO

  • Install Xverse wallet (for Bitcoin and Stacks)
  • Deposit $STX to your Xverse wallet on Stacks network (STX is available on Binance and other major CEXs)
  • Go to StackingDAO and Stake STX to get liquid staked STX (stSTX)

2. Zest Protocol

  • After obtaining stSTX, go to Zest Protocol to lend stSTX in the Stacks Market
  • Complete Galxe quests
  • Bitcoin money market is also coming soon. Users will be able to lend and borrow Bitcoin to earn more points.




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